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1. Introduction

recast IT (AS51906) is a German ISP, offering IaaS, virtualization and high availability (HA) solutions as well as networkinfrastructure services. Due to the nature of our services our traffic is mostly outbound.

2. Peering policy

recast IT has an selective peering policy, so if you would like to set up a peering session with AS51906, feel free to contact us if you meet the requirements below. We will then consider your request and set up the peering accordingly:

  • Peer’s Network Operations Center (NOC) must be reachable by e-mail or phone 24/7/365 and must be willing to cooperate in case of network abuse, DoS or other network threats.
  • Peer shall send us routes which are aggregated as much as possible. Concerning this matter we will only accept routes which are equal or bigger than /24, announcements smaller than this value will be dropped.
  • Peer shall not set up a default route to the recast IT network or any other route to us which destination is not part of AS51906 or it’s customers networks. (We may filter traffic generated from such routes out.)
  • Peer shall not send us prefixes which are not originated from his or his downstreams networks. Regarding this, peer shall filter prefixes received from his customers to ensure validity of routes.
  • Peer must register his routes at any known IRR and must announce at least one registered route with his own AS as origin. (Routes that are not correctly registered may be filtered out by us to maintain routing integrity.)
  • Peer must exchange an average of 5Mbps with us.
  • Peer must agree into using a MD5 password.

Furthermore, recast IT may shutdown a peering session (temporarily or permanently) if:


  • AS51906 needs to perform maintenance on it’s network equipment.
  • packet loss or similar adverse effects related to the peering session are observed.
  • invalid prefixes are announced by the peer.
  • the BGP session flaps without obvious reason (e.g. information via tech-lists) for an enduring period of time.

3. Public peering points

AS51906 is available at the following Internet exchange points:

4. Additional peering information

If you like to set up a peering session with us, send us your request to If you do so, please include as much of the following information as possible. We need to know your:

  • AS-number (Required)
  • AS-set (Required)
  • desired peering point(s) (Required)
  • IP-address(es) (Required)
  • estimated amount of prefixes announced (Optional, if you don’t supply a value we will estimate one.)
  • desired MD5 password (Required, if you don’t propose a password we will generate one.)
  • contact information (Required, NOC mail, phone and other contact information of importance.

Additionally, if you require a written peering agreement, please attach it to your peering request. If we agree with the content we will sign it and send it back to you as soon as possible.

5. recast IT contact information

NOC mail:
NOC phone: +49 202 261590-0

Additional information about us can also be found at PeeringDB:

Major changes will be announced via tech-lists.